Opportunities at Major League Properties, Inc.

We are looking for a few experienced and aggressive Baltimore-area Real Estate Professionals that understand how to work as Buyer Brokers and are interested in higher commissions and less hassles.  

Here’s the deal:

We Pay Higher Commissions – We typically start out at 75% commission, and go up from there.  After you complete a number of sales, your commissions can increase to 80% or higher.   

We Offer an Independent Work Environment – Our philosophy is that if you are in the office, you are not working.  We are looking for experienced, motivated, self-starters who do not require supervision, and are not interested in wasting time in meetings, floor duty, etc.  You handle your own business. You do your own marketing, put your personal telephone number on your signs, and answer your own property calls. You only come to the office when you need to use the office resources (conference room, copier, computers, etc.).

We Charge No Fees – We do not charge any office fees, document processing fees, advertising fees, etc. You only pay for your own costs, such as your advertising, signs, etc.

We Provide Resources to Help You Succeed - We are a small company that will listen to your ideas, and are willing to work with you to revise and refine our approach to help you to succeed. We have a very nice downtown office and conference room at the Belvedere, located at 1 East Chase Street in Baltimore, that you can use as necessary.  

Contact Rose to learn more about how we can work together to make Major League Properties the right fit for your work style.